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Byron Municipal Court
Byron Municipal Complex
401 Main St, Suite 266
Byron, GA 31008

Court Dates

Court Date
1st Wednesday
of each month
10:00 AM
3rd Wednesday
of each month
10:00 AM
3rd Monday
of each month
5:00 PM

Please examine your citation for your court date.

If you cannot attend the Arraignment session on the date specified on your citation, you must contact the Clerk's Office as soon as possible to request a continuance until the next Arraignment session. The last day to request a continuance is the day before your scheduled court appearance.

Note: The Clerk's Office can grant only one continuance per case and only if the defendant provides a strong rationale for being unable to attend on the specified date (e.g., family emergency).

You must appear in court on the specified date -- or -- pay your fine in advance of that date.

Court begins promptly at 10:00 AM or 5:00 PM depending on the session.

You must be in your seat in the court room prior to these start times. If you are late, you will not be admitted to the court room.

Also review the court rules prior to coming to court (pay special attention to dress requirements and the prohibition of electronic devices).